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Constructing our external realities requires rigorous reframing of what we think is possible. The practice of external landscaping exposes our disembodied truths and the congruence practice needed to harmonize our internal with our lived environments.




Sacred Keepers Sustainability Lab was 10-year Chicago based organization dedicated to teaching youth to become true inheritors of the Earth. Our goal was to connect youth to education, training and career opportunities through the study of environmental value systems, climate and culture.

Our goal was to build personal awareness and earth consciousness, emphasizing inseparable aspects of both the social and ecological factors of our environments. We are currently creating a research project to study the impact of our work on community; during 2022-2024, we will be reaching across the SK family to help us produce an open-source digital archive of our curricula and toolkits. Learn more @

The Space Share Lab is a space dedicated to the change makers, the shift tilters, the holders of love secrets, the growers of the Earth, the storytellers and the practitioners of freedom, healing and justice — a place to play, to love, re-image ourselves and to amplify our Collective rEvolution. 

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The Where I Stand Youth Summit is a safe and brave space for youth to reflect upon their understanding dynamic humyn emergence practices that govern eco-social justice movements. Drawing upon critical youth empowerment theory and participant observation, we note that youth have shared experiences of oppression across unique social identities; displaying authentic communication, acceptance, and desire for solidarity. Re-defining what knowledge matters, along with intention and self-restoration, also emerged as critical to building young people’s agency and power to effect social change. 


Our objective is to create conscious cohorts of youth to lead, learn and share eco-social process and projects that impact our eco-social worlds. The project will help strengthen connections to key communities in Chicago, while also helping to build a constituency of skilled, active and informed youth.

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