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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Humyn Experience is divided across two worlds, our internal knowing and our external productions. Much of our suffering comes from our inability to bring alignment to what we feel and understand and our lived experiences. We seek landing strip for what for our feelings, imagination and values. We long to express that which we feel and madness emerges when our Beliefs have no place to thrive outside of ourselves. Compounded, we feel disembodied and bound up when the external realities of the world both influence and disrupt our natural harmonies, creating an internal war waging to defend and protect our truths vs. opening and sharing Ourselves.

We throw the word Mastery around quite a bit and I use it here not to prop up some watery idea of perfection but instead, to foster the idea of a space to bear consistent witnessing of yourself. Can you see who you are uniquely as you? Can you see unique you applied to the world around you? Is there cavernous space between who you are and what you participate in daily? Does your external world feel completely congruent with your core person? Most of us believe we live pretty authentic lives yet, when asked if most feel completely fulfilled with our lives, most feel there's a part of them that hasn't quite expressed our deepest desires.

I've dedicated a number of years harmonizing how I feel, what I believe and what I want to see in the world; surrounding to my own tenderness and outpicturing that as monarch butterfly habitats, artful gardens in urban spaces and amplifying the power of brilliant, beautiful youth. I've also witnessed a ton of internal trauma I'm constantly mitigating through the world's (and my ego's) bias towards shadow and suffering.

As a Consciousness Engineer, Soul Coach and Eco-Spiritualist, I remain inspired in supporting individuals and collectives in bringing alignment to their most authentic self and what they experience. For years I've noticed the times in my life that I have felt the most Liberated, the most Alive is when my lived experiences didn't deny my personal Truth - the Singer in me finding Mr. Nunley in the 9th grade Swing Choir; the Dancer in me finding home in the House Music culture of Chicago; the Lover in me playing in romantic and platonic intimacies; the Leader in me finding expression and purpose -- the most important of all of this is the Ones in me existed in the internal space and just needed various permissions and willingness to fully allow. I've noticed the time that the Ones in me were denied, dismissed or diminished, creating realms of cower, sadness, anger and trauma when the external world made hostile territory for my Being-ness.

I've dedicated my Life to the constant interrogation of myself in service to what I believe is a space of internal Freedom that is only rivaled on the external by the sheer magnificence of Mother Nature, Herself. The Great Invitation of this Life is to Surrender to its unfolding and allow that unfolding to mirror a matriculated internal Liberation that is nurtured as Life's Purpose.

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